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Empower your sellers to be Authoritative Experts whom
prospects eagerly engage

You want to be the leading brand that discerning buyers trust. 
We help your sellers grow that trust.

Align actionable insights to your sales messaging

Current Challenge:

57% of B2B buyers cite materials sent to them / presented by the seller "useless".

Source: Forrester

Build domain expertise among your sellers

Current Challenge:
Over 70% of buyers don’t engage sellers until their needs have been fully defined.

Source: CSO Insights

Increase the impact of your sales interactions

Current Challenge:
8 out of 10 sales conversations are deemed “a waste of time” by B2B buyers.

Source: Forrester

Become indispensible to your ideal customers

Current Challenge:

Only 1/3 of buyers report having seen any key distinctions among sellers.

Source: Gartner

Your sellers aren't viewed as Authoritative Experts
if you regularly witness the following:

Using Mobile Phone
 Young Woman Contemplating
Business Meeting

We hear crickets despite our social media efforts...


Our activities are high but deals are slow and low...

Buyers say they are "all set" and don't need to engage...

Buyers "ghost" you after the demo...

Stop wasting precious time and opportunities.
Get your customized Buyer Alignment Roadmap today.

Our Approach

We are Marketing & Sales leaders who specialize in working with companies and teams that promote human-centric B2B buying and selling. 

Our best clients are those who strive for excellence and high performance but not at the sacrifice of their integrity or values. 

That's why we have designed a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional approach to empowering sales success.  We believe that adding a human-centric approach back into B2B buying and selling starts with deliberate design about the kind of interpersonal experiences you want to have with your sellers as well as for your sellers to deliver to your customers--future and current ones. 

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Image by Anne Nygård

Client Success Stories

"Silvia had in one call identified exactly where our issues were. We were able to get a plan going within the same week. We ended up saving almost 30% of our marketing spend while doubling our sales results the next quarter."

Founder, Consumer Intelligence Business

"We brought on 3 new premium clients immediately after Silvia and her team helped our sellers pivot and more crisply communicate our unique offer to our prospective customers."

CEO at a $40 million analytics & data firm

"The Altezza Advisory team identified for us how our costs of gaining new customers were 3 times that of the industry average and showed us alternative sales effectiveness strategies that yielded much higher ROI and set us on a path towards healthier growth and expansion. We crushed our annual goal - 6 weeks ahead of schedule."

VP of Strategy, Healthcare Solutions

Client Results

Reduced Sales Cycle: Avg = 37 Days Shorter

Increased SQLs:


Reduced CAC:

Up to 65%

Increased Win Rates:


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